Teddy Boy

Teddy Boy

Teddy Boy | A film by Sean JS Jourdan

Teddy Boy

A rising tennis star becomes entangled in a savage charade with a grieving couple while staying in their picturesque home.


Screenplay Excerpt

She touches his shoulder as she stands and looks out onto the lake. .

HELENE (CONT’D): He’s here.

She begins to make her way to the forest, passing her husband who remains seated. As he rises to follow his wife, Jakob wipes his eye with the back of his hand. James touches his face and looks at his own hand as Helene approaches. He’s a mess.

HELENE (CONT’D): When we scattered our son’s ashes in this cove the fish, the fish thought he… The dark humor of it makes her giggle.

HELENE (CONT’D): It… was food…

James smiles.

HELENE (CONT’D): They ate him all up. It’s kind of funny in a way – but, until today – just now, I guess, they didn’t come back.

Jakob makes his way into the forest. The SOUND Of JAMES SNEEZING.

HELENE (CONT’D): Bless you. Following her, he holds up his hand as if to say “thanks” as they enter the woods.