Motorcycles & Mayhem


Paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident, Tony Bartell struggles with the memory of his ex-girlfriend and the dark fantasy she has become. Recognizing her as an illusion, Tony, nevertheless, falls victim to the vicious event that led to his abandonment, and, in turn, becomes trapped within his own imagination.

A Clip from the Film

Cast & Crew


Joseph Gilbert (Tony Bartell)

Annie Kehoe (Edie Van Meter)


Sean JS Jourdan (Writer | Director)

Anjel Shehigian (Producer)

Fred Miller (Director of Photography)

Andrea Vestrand (Art Direction)

Jason Frederick & Kris Poulin (Composers)

Clint Vaupul (Assistant Director)

John Beck (First AC)

Lindsay Gilmore (Second AC)

Karl Dondlinger (Location Sound Mixer)

Mario Colette (Sound Boom)

Marc Menet (Gaffer)

Addae Larriev (Gaffer)

Deborah Cordes (Craft Services)

Ayako Ogawa (Grip)

Chris Wittenborn (Grip)

Jeremy Long (Grip)

Den Kelly (Grip)

Tim Gideon (Grip)

Pasquale Didiana (Grip)

Justin Tuezon (Grip)

Tiffany Hull (PA)

Brian Barnhart (PA)

Mercedes Cooper (PA)