La Re'activision de Marilyn | A short film by Sean JS Jourdan

La Re’activision de Marilyn

A pleasure android, Marilyn, is designed with the ability to take the memories of her clients and physically transform herself to their fantasy or memory, thereby embodying their desire in both body and spirit. She is flawed, however, in that fragments, un-erased bits, of her clients memories and feelings remain within her, thus bringing forth a consciousness and realization as to her true function.

Alerted to this activity, the Corporation must reset her, so she can complete her duties as a prostitute.

Official Trailer

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Cast & Special Thanks



Voice of Marilyn: Laura Lonigro

Image of Marilyn: Megan Schenk

Special Thanks

Deborah Cordes

J. Steven Castleberry

Paula Froehle

Josephine Griffith

The Lonigros

Columbia College, Chicago