An Open Door

Forgotten as a wife and co-worker, Michelle Watson, in a last ditch effort to save her marriage, convinces her husband, William, to take a much-needed vacation. When their son falls ill, she must cancel their plans and share with William a painful secret that can save their marriage.

Official Trailer

Cast & Crew


Nathan Read (Nathaniel)

Suzanne Lang (Michelle)

Tim Cunningham (William)

Heidi Klefstad (Julie)

Stacie Doublin ( Sandra Dougherty)

Susie Cornett (Rhonda Thompson)


Sean J.S. Jourdan (Writer/Director)

Amy Rising (Producer)

Kuba Zelazek (Director of Photography)

Carmen Navis (Production Designer)

Willis P. Jenkins (Composer)

Nick Martin (Editor)

JT Mueller (Location Mixer)